Chairmans Message
Chairman's message

profileAliya Senior Secondary School was established with the special aims of Advancement and propagation of Education and learning among children.Impart comprehensive knowledge to the child which enables him to establish his relationship with his Creator and his fellow beings and earn livelihood with dignity. Inculcate the true spirit of humanity, ethics values of moral education in the children so that they develop a wholesome personality. Make children better human beings and responsible citizen of India.

Bridge the gap between nurturing environment of home and disciplined demands of a formal education. Provide a strong basic foundation by not only developing the child intellectually but also socially, morally, physically and emotionally by providing a stimulating, carrying and playful environment. Provide quality education to the children of the educationally backward area giving emphasize specially to girls education and enhancement of education in backward communities. While expecting high standard of academic performance from our students the school does not lose sight of our commitment to encourage each student to reach the fullness of his or her intellectual, emotion and physical potentials. The accessibility of our faculty, staff and students are the key ingredients to the success of this endeavor.